EcorodynaТМ Organic Homestead is a newly established farm that focuses on organic growing of berries and vegetables, berry rootstock and green travelling services.

We are not just selling berries and plants, since our mission is awakening of the organic consciousness of the community.

Each berry and each plant is grown without use of any chemicals, and the soil of our farm is free from mineral fertilisers and chemical treatments. We take care of our nurslings with respect and ‘understanding’ -), and use only organic fertilisers and biological treatments and protections.

We want you feel the comprehensive advantage of our naturally clean berries and vegetables over those grown with use of chemical fertilisers and poisonous treatments, and the actual advantage of our natural construction materials (i.e. clay, wood, thatch, etc.) over chemical industrial construction materials.

7 reasons to make ECORODINAТМ Organic Homestead the farm of your choice:


  • Our products are grown based on the organic farming principles, without use of any mineral fertilisers or chemical treatments
  • Best and proven plant varieties
  • Best value for money
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • We take care of each separate plant -)
  • We approach every partner and customer flexibly and understandingly
  • We are a domestic producer that offers our, Ukrainian products!


Best regards,

the Team of EcorodynaТМ Organic Homestead